Welcome! It's nice to see that you've stumbled upon this site! Warrior Cats Free RP is a free-to-play virtual website featuring the famous book series "Warriors" by Erin Hunter. 

On this site, there's so much you can do! But first, you have to make an account! So, what are you waiting for? This website is fun and free to play! Have a great time here, where every warrior has an adventure!

This site involves a lot of writing, as is is a Role Playing site. So if you are not good at writing, or Role Playing, then this is not the site for you.

Before you begin role playing on site, you need to make an account! All you need to do is click on the "Register" link in the top right corner! Then fill out everything that needs to be filled out- though location / age / gender is not necessary.

If you already have a webs account, then you just simply click "Sign In" on the top right hand corner. You may need to fill somethings out before starting on this site if you are signing in, but it shouldn't take long before you can jump in!

Please read the rules before RPing.

If you wish to be a HR (High Role), then please get in contact with the person you need to such as clan leader, deputy and/or medicine cat. Don't bother them, once they give you their answer try not to convince them otherwise. Also look to see if they are looking for some to be the role that you want, or aren't looking for it- if they are not, then do not ask them for the role.

The sidebar can be seen on any page beside "Roleplay Forums" and "Site News", sorry about this :/

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Site Feedback

"I really like this site so I told my friend about it. Hopefully your site will be getting more members soon."

- Moonstream

Season: Green-leaf

Weather: The sun is out, and the weather has warmed up. Prey is running wild and plentiful.




Site-Owner: TDK

Admin: bunbun

Admin: Frisk

Moderator: Drapingdrop


Leader Thrushstar

Deputy- Boulderheart

Medicine Cat- Berrysong

Medicine Cat Apprentice- None


Leader- Talonstar

Deputy- None

Medicine Cat- Cloudberry

Medicine Cat Apprentice- Creekpaw


Leader- Spiderstar

Deputy- Moonstream

Medicine Cat- Quietstream

Medicine Cat Apprentice- None


Leader- Heatherstar

Deputy- Eaglewing

Medicine Cat- Sageheart

Medicine Cat Apprentice- None


Leader- Cometstar

Deputy- Mousespring

Medicine Cat- Cloudface

Medicine Cat Apprentice- None


Leader- Stone

Deputy- Flight 

Healer(s)- None [always open]